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Leopard Tutors

Leopard Tutors

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Leopard Group provides private tutoring (extra lessons) for all school grades (Grade 1-12) and tertiary students (University, College & Professional courses(CIMA, ACCA, UNISA & IMM)) in the comfort of your home or a venue of your choice. Our tutoring is customized to help you in the areas you need assistance; we have a team of specialist tutors waiting to help you achieve the success you deserve.

All subjects including homework setting, supervision and exam practice. Leopard tutors provide a facilitating and supervisory role in order to ensure regular homework completion and assist with general problem areas across a broader spectrum of subjects.Teachers’ comments about the child's performance having gone down.
Poor marks (below average) on the report card at the end of the term.
Having difficulties in getting students to do homework or to study which leads to poor parent - child relationship.
The child does lots of studying and is committed but marks are just not improving. A sign that the child is not studying correctly or not understanding the subject.
The child has missed a few sections at school and needs help catching up.
The child may be bright and getting good marks but you feel that they could improve greatly with help from a tutor.

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