The Training Room Online, Paarden Island

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The Training Room Online

The Training Room Online

Providing cutting edge, online and computer based e-learning material, The Training Room Online is the solution to any digital training challenge.

The Training Room Online specialises in creating innovative, cost-effective and fully customised digital learning solutions. Our team is made up of talented, creative and educational experts who analyse our clients’ needs and develop tailor-made programmes to satisfy their specific requirements for effective learning.

Companies and institutions the world over have increasingly become aware of the necessity of finding smarter ways to educate, develop and empower their workforce and students. In a world where the exponential evolution of technology constantly reminds us of our limitless capabilities in numerous spheres, there is a growing demand for a company that can incorporate these new developments into the methodology of successful learning.

The Training Room Online satisfies this need, delivering knowledge on any digital device, on all development platforms, to any audience, and in any location. As an industry leader, we have our own film studio and production department, which lowers costs and optimises efficiency.

Your Requirements

Each company or institution is unique and therefore demands a unique solution for their learning requirements or challenges. The Training Room Online understands this, analyses that need, and tailors its solution to maximise the effectiveness and impact thereof. They adapt to your environment and have the capabilities of content delivery through learning management solutions, rapid learning authoring tools, video instruction, role play examples, classroom based learning (including virtual classrooms), animation, complete 3D gaming and even interactive facial expression recognition software.

Our Solutions

1. Consulting
2. Learning Management Systems
3. Course delivery and assessment (staff and student tracking)
4. Custom content development
5. Software and systems training
6. Web, podcast and live learning
7. Project management
8. Blended learning solutions
9. Interactive gaming (2D and 3D)
10. Simulations
11. Virtual meetings, live chats and webinars
12. Animated learning
13. Film creation, development and authoring
14. Audio engineering and voice over production
15. Music composition

Why e-learning?

Modern e-learning is interactive, cost effective, efficient and dynamic. Just in time learning – wherever, whenever. All forms of media can be incorporated to maximise the learning experience, and in turn securing the retention and application of information.

Events for The Training Room Online:

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  • 3D movies

  • Adult education

  • Agricultural education

  • Animations

  • Computer training
  • Corporate Training Solutions
  • Educational services

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    The Training Room Online - Paarden Island - 7405 

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    28 Natal Street 377 Rivonia Boulevard, Rivonia Business Centre, Rivonia, 2128
    7405 Paarden Island

    Opening hours

    7:00 - 18:00 Week days


    0861 8876 72

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